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    Virtually every record label has tapes sitting in the vault that, for a variety of reasons, never see the light of day. This forbidden audio fruit frustrates fans and makes collectors salivate at the thought of what might be hidden away. Thus, stories circulate, rumors run amuck and legends swell with each passing year about these unreleased treasures. Fortunately, there are astute labels that do cull through their archives and release these gems to the public. Such is the case with the legendary compilation What?s Shakin?.

    In the musically explosive '60s, Elektra Records, like most of their contemporaries, was diligently searching for the ?next big thing.? Toward this pursuit, they often recorded demo sessions of promising artists, signing some and leaving others to find different label homes. In 1966, the label collected some of the best of these demos and compiled them for the What?s Shakin? album. It contains the first four tracks recorded by the just-formed Lovin? Spoonful, who wound up creating a series of hit albums and singles for Kama Sutra. Notably, the album also contains two songs by Eric Clapton and the Powerhouse, recorded immediately prior to the formation of Cream. Rounding out the compilations are contributions from Al Kooper and Elektra labelmates Tom Rush and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

    News of the album?s release spread quickly, making it a big hit on the nascent underground music scene. Sundazed is proud to make these ultra-rare tracks available again for today?s music enthusiasts. Sourced from the original analog master tapes, pressed on high-definition vinyl and packaged with original liner notes and photo inserts, this album belongs in the collections of discerning music fans everywhere.

    Track Listing:
    1. Lovin' Spoonful: Good Time Music
    2. Lovin' Spoonful: Almost Grown
    3. Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Spoonful
    4. Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Off The Wall
    5. Al Kooper: Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
    6. Eric Clapton & The Powerhouse: I Want To Know
    7. Eric Clapton & The Powerhouse: Crossroads
    8. Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Lovin' Cup
    9. Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
    10. Eric Clapton & The Powerhouse: Steppin' Out
    11. Tom Rush: I'm In Love Again
    12. Lovin' Spoonful: Don't Bank On It Baby
    13. Lovin' Spoonful: Searchin'
    14. Paul Butterfield Blues Band: One More Mile