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    Check out the artists and song titles on this disc. They'll serve as a once 'n' final warning for anyone thinkin' they've just scored some nostalgic good vibrations from the feelin' groovy sixties (Congratulations, you're about to buy the wrong collection, bub). No, what we have here is the untold, bad-attitude underbelly of that decade's rock 'n' revolution; a teenage nation that churned out thousands of raging garage records that rarely escaped Hometown U.S.A. obscurity. These are the 45 rpm singles too extreme for their time.


    Sweetgina - Things To Come • Gotta Get Some - The Bold • Believe Me - The Guess Who • Little Girl - The Jynx • I’m Not Mad - The Gestures • Things To Come - The Menn • You Got Your Head On Backwards - The Sonics • Chicks Are For Kids - The Best Things • Why Do I Cry - The Remains • Hey Little Bird - The Barbarians • (I’ve Got) Nowhere To Run - More-Tishans • Faces Come, Feelings Go - The Concepts • Have You For My Own - The Go Betweens • Whatcha Gonna Do About It - The Litter • (Just A Little) Soul-Searchin’ - The Electras • I’m Feeling O.K. - Five Americans • Don’t Blow Your Mind - Spiders • Lose Your Mind - The Third Bardo • When I Arrive - We The People I’m A Man - The Ugly Ducklings