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    Check out the artists and song titles on this disc. They'll serve as a once 'n' final warning for anyone thinkin' they've just scored some nostalgic good vibrations from the feelin' groovy sixties (Congratulations, you're about to buy the wrong collection, bub). No, what we have here is the untold, bad-attitude underbelly of that decade's rock 'n' revolution; a teenage nation that churned out thousands of raging garage records that rarely escaped Hometown U.S.A. obscurity. These are the 45 rpm singles too extreme for their time.


    Count Back - The Purple Underground • Mother Nature Father Earth - The Music Machine • Revenge - The Others • I’ll Be In - The Answer • Crystalize Your Mind - Living Children • Who Do You Love - The Preachers • I Ain’t No Miracle Worker - The Great Scots • Satisfaction Guaranteed - Mourning Reign • Don’t Shoot Me Down - The Brogues • Smell Of Incense - Southwest F.O.B. • Bottle Up And Go - Mile Ends • She Moves Me - The E-Types • Going Home - Butch Engle And The Styx • Why You Smile - The Answer • Miles Beyond - Rear Exit • There She Goes - Moss And The Rocks • Stay Out Of My World - The Preachers • Feeling Zero - Neighb'rhood Childr’n • Now It’s Over - Living Children • But Now I Find - The Brogues