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    Garage Beat '66 is back on the scene with a legion of rail-thin kids wielding obnoxiously loud guitars! The original army of teenage garage bands, the ones who made life worth living in the '60s and the heroic subjects of Sundazed's ongoing series Garage Beat '66, has returned with a vengeance. Garage Beat '66, the most far-reaching, legit, vintage garage-rock series ever, presents two new volumes showcasing fuzz-drenched genre cornerstones by Zakary Thaks, the Gonn and the Haunted as well as mind-numbing brilliance from forgotten combos like the Rahgoos, the Basement Wall and the Nuchez.

    Garage Beat '66 spans the U.S. and Canada, with each volume meticulously assembled from the original source tapes and with full participation of many of the artists. That means this stuff has never sounded so wonderful! We've included voluminous liner notes by garage experts and tons of eye-popping band photos and graphics.


    1-2-5 - The Haunted • Stolen Moments - The Torquays • Discussion of The Unorthodox Council - The Counts Four • Bring 'Em On In - The Mile Ends • Down In The Bottom - The Groupies • Surprise, Surprise - The Barons • You Know - 'Til The End Of Time - Joey Gee And The Come-Ons • Good Times - Nobody’s Children • Operator Please - Up Stairs • Harmonica Man - The Torquays • Is Love Real - The Henchmen VI • Girl Talk - Rob Kirk And The Word • I’m In Need - The Others • Don’t Lose Your Mind - The Galaxies IV • Don’t Try Your Luck - The Quarrymen • Horror Asparagus Stories - The Driving Stupid • Gypsy Lady • Mike London And The Englishmen • Do The Rahgoo - The Rahgoos • She’s Mean - Joey Gee And Come-Ons • Ghost Power - The Cords