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    Goldsboro, North Carolina's solitary claim to sixties garage-rock fame is the legendary Counts IV. Joe Booher (lead guitar, vocals), Al Peluso (bass, vocals), Don Roof (rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals), and Rick Turner (drums) had previously waxed the swingin' frat-rocker "Listen to Me" on JCP Records (in '64, when several members of the band were still enlisted at local Seymour Johnson Air Force Base).

    On the astounding '66 recordings collected here, however, the pounding rhythms were now powered by Turner's replacement, Enrique Pacheco (aka "Chico"). Al Peluso fills us in on the Count IV's post-service hip history:

    "'Spoonful' was recorded in New York City. We did a few takes and it seemed to lack excitement so the producer decided to bring in a couple of female friends of his to create a party atmosphere. It worked!"

    "With Dylan going electric and as evasive as he was with his lyrics, along with our being into the blues, plus Don Roof's soulful harp and Chico's drumming drive, you have the ingredients for 'Discussion of the Unorthodox Council.' 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue', recorded in D.C., was to be the flip of 'Discussion'. The Byrds were hot, doing a lot of Dylan. We thought 'Baby Blue' would be great for them but why don't we do it first? We did but no one knew."

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    Discussion Of The Unorthodox Council • Spoonful • It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

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