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    Based on action-packed, critically-acclaimed earlier volumes in this series, it's official that there was one seriously healthy recording scene stretching across the garage band nation circa '66. We're here to once again honor the most savage electrical surges from those shaggy heroes and less longhaired neighborhood idols, alike; from Detroit pre-punk legends the Unrelated Segments and fuzz fracas of the Liberty Bell to no-hit wonders the Lykes of Us and the Wild Things.


    I’ll Come Running - The Mad Hatters • Love at Psychedelic Velocity - The Human Expression • That’s How It Will Be - The Liberty Bell • I’m A King Bee - The Bad Seeds • Where You Gonna Go - The Unrelated Segments • Judgment Day - The Esquires • I’m In Pittsburgh (and it’s Raining) - The Outcasts • You Lie - The Lynx • Tell Me - The Wild Things • You’re Gonna Make Me - The Penthouse 5 • East Side Story - District Six • Tell Me Why Your Light Shines - The Lykes Of Us • Come With Me - Exotics • Come Back Bird - The Chevelle V • Darkest Hour - S.J. And Crossroads • Keep On Walking - The WordD • Makin’ Time - The Livin’ End • Cry, Cry, Cry - The Unrelated Segments