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    Yellow/Orange design on white 100% cotton t-shirt

    Jim Flora (1914-1998) created dozens of fun, yet diabolic album covers for Columbia Records and RCA Victor during the 1940s and '50s. His canvases pulsed with angular hepcats bearing funnel-tapered noses and shark-fin chins who fingered cockeyed pianos and honked lollipop-hued horns. Flora wreaked havoc with the laws of physics, conjuring flying musicians, levitating instruments, and wobbly dimensional perspectives. He was not averse to pigmenting jazz legends Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa like bedspread patterns. On some Flora figures, three legs and five arms were standard equipment, with spare eyeballs optional.

    Flora has posthumously added Sundazed to his client roster: his heirs have authorized us to feature a vintage Flora rocket ship illustration on a special edition t-shirt. The space cruiser originally appeared on the back of a 1958 LP by guitarist Billy Mure.

    A selection of Flora LP covers was published in The Mischievous Art of Jim Flora (Fantagraphics, 2004). A second book, The Curiously Sinister Art of Jim Flora (2007), features dozens of Flora's rarely seen early paintings, woodcuts, prints, sketches, and commercial assignments. See more Flora works online at and