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    • First ever LP reissue of this lost treasure in its perfectly presented stereo mix as planned by the great Phil Ramone.
    • A lush psych folk experience propelled by the “funky drummer” Bernard Purdie!
    • Cut by Kevin Gray, pressed by RTI and presented in a gloriously restored gatefold jacket complete with lyrics.

“At the crossroads between the intellectual folk of New York and the psychedelia of San Francisco, the album may have missed instant classic status by mere minutes by being too late or too early for the magic bus, but the time is always right for unearthing lost treasures. It may be a few decades past the Summer of Love, but with her balance of the mature and the exuberant, her voice soaring protectively above our heads, leading the flocks up into the park, Priddy makes it seem within our grasp.”

-Madisyn Taylor (

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    Released just a year after her vocals graced Leonard Cohen’s debut, Nancy Priddy’s lone album is a sweeping odyssey across avant garde arrangements rife with experimental pop instrumentation and adorned with her sublimely delivered psychedelic poetry. Previously unavailable on vinyl for over 50 years, it’s an unpredictable and kaleidoscopic trip.

    Known more for her acting work (Bewitched, The Waltons, Matlock) and her parenting work (Christina Applegate), Nancy Priddy started out as a sixties Greenwich Village folkstress, initially as a member of The Bitter End Singers. She honed her chops contributing backing vocals (uncredited) to 1967’s Songs Of Leonard Cohen.

    In ‘68 she released her lone opus You’ve Come This Way Before, produced by Phil Ramone, propelled by the Funky Drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, and released by Dot Records. It’s a lush journey with a youthful tone reminiscent of Margo Guryan, but showing a wit that suggests she knows more than she’s letting on. All cuts are co-written by Nancy which speaks to its cohesion, as it’s truly a journey to be experienced in its entirety as it ventures into far corners of the musical spectrum, and with the help of Purdie they sew it into one delightful platter. said of it, “A real powerhouse of a record. Good for fans of Honey Ltd., Dusty Springfield, Jefferson Airplane. Listen in headphones if you can.”

    “Christina’s World,” one of the many stand out tracks, takes its name and inspiration from a painting by Andrew Wyeth. Not only did the painting inspire the song, but it also inspired the naming of Nancy’s daughter.

    Possibly too wildly eclectic for the ears of 1968, or maybe too smart for the hippy dippy set, this treasure faded away into obscurity trading for hefty sums in collectors’ circles. In ‘69 Nancy was recruited by Mort Garson to contribute to his Songs of the Zodiac series. That would become her last musical endeavor before embarking on her acting career.

    Modern Harmonic is proud to treat this treasure with the reverence it deserves. Mastered by Joe Lizzi, cut by Kevin Gray, and pressed by RTI. This first ever LP reissue is a true treat for ears and we’re ecstatic to share it with you!


    You’ve Come This Way Before • Ebony Glass • Mystic Lady • Christina’s World • We Could Have It All • My Friend Frank • O Little Child • And Who Will You Be Then? • On The Other Side Of The River • Epitaph