In addition to being a pioneer of early electronic music, Raymond Scott generated hymns to hunger, odes to pudding and pilsner, and crafted carols for countless other products, elevating the form of advertisement to an art. If Zappa had written music for commercials, it's not hard to think his approach would have been similar!

Scott, Raymond

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    Two compact platters of promotional jingles of the strangest flavors!A smorgasboard of unheard music from the eccentric icon paired with his wife Dorothy Collins, Mel Tormé and more!Who knew jingles about Krystal Hamburgers, beer, & ExLax could be so utterly delightful?!Packaged in a hardbound book-style jacket including a replica of an original '60s article about Raymond, new notes from the executor of his estate, and photos galore! Tingling tartness of jingle perfection! In addition to being...