An impossible to find garage slab, straight from the SAVAGE side of the Sunset Strip! Sundazed presents this reissue of one of the most positively deadly garage obscurities of the mid-sixties. Backed by The Sloths? Bo Diddley is a Maniac-style wall of pounding sound, lead singer Hank Daniels Jr. III transforms otherwise acceptable lyrics about hugging ?n? kissing into a raucous & sultry performance for the ages. For anyone who dug Sundazed?s Adrian Lloyd ?Lorna? screamfest, boys and girls, do we have a release for you! More pounding drums can be found on the melodic, 12-string rockin? B-side, ?You Mean Everything .? But to borrow from one of Alice Cooper?s favorite quotes, we?re pretty sure this Sloths fall ?65 release drove a stake through the heart of Sunset Strip folk-rock. Be sure not to miss the carnage!

Sloths, The