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    “Ramones meet the elevator head-on (ouch!!) through the clever genius of Sam Elwitt, and time travel will never be the same again” - Joey Ramone (1999)

    The ‘99 cult favorite fortified with a rumbustious sitar illuminated take on “Rockaway Beach!”

    On colored vinyl.

    • First ever complete vinyl LP release of this ‘99 Ramones bachelor pad pastiche
    • Includes a new take on “Rockaway Beach” featuring Sam Elwitt chewing out the rhythm on his sitar
    • About the only way to sneak the Ramones into your wedding dinner music playlist without pissing off your aunt Patsy.
    • Cut and pressed at Third Man Records in Detroit on colored vinyl

    Look out, look out, there’s genius about. Take some classic Ramonies power-punk tunes (genius of the first order), put them in the blender, mix in the second ingredient, the Nutley Brass (genius of another order), and this is the result: easy-listening punk heaven.

    It might be time to trade in your guitar and get yourself a full horn ensemble. It’s definitely time to dig out those old Ramones albums, remind yourself of those thumping power chords and irresistible melodies, do a little headbanging maybe, then kick off your shoes, put up your feet, and relax to the soothing sounds of the Nutley Brass delivering 10 Ramones nuggets, easy-listening style. Alternatively, a quick cha-cha or tango round the living room would not be out of order.

    I was introduced to the Nutley Brass a couple of years ago by Joey Ramone himself, who was mightily impressed by this unique combo. There have been many tributes to the Ramones over the years, but, for your listening (and dancing) pleasure, the Nutley Brass have delivered the most original homage. Joey Ramone knows a good thing when he hears it, and didn’t need any persuading that in the Nutley Brass, he had discovered a hidden treasure. Unbelievers, who think punk bands were just a tuneless racket - eat your hats. Immediately.

    Ramones-style punk was top tunes, tunes to dance to, tunes to whistle on the way to work in the morning, tunes that will endure. And here’s the ultimate proof. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The Nutley Brass, with head blender-man Sam Elwitt at the helm, have transformed one of a kind genius into another: starting out with a silk purse, the end product is another silk purse - a top quality musical feast, and not a sow’s ear in sight. A delicious, tasty treat, inspired and unique. If the Nutley Brass don’t get your toes tapping. I’ll be the first to eat my hat.

    But enough of me - turn the volume up to 11, and let’s boogie. Let’s waltz. Let’s tango. Let’s enjoy!

    -Veronica Kofman, March 1998 (with special thanks to Joey Ramone and Phil Hanson)


    Beat On The Brat • I Wanna Be Sedated • Blitzkrieg Bop • Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment • Teenage Lobotomy • Chinese Rock • Rock ‘n’ Roll High School • Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ • Roll Radio • Havana Affair • Something To Believe In • Rockaway Beach (newly recorded!)