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Gritty 60’s Garage & Punk is a nickel tour of the vast Sundazed Music catalog of 60’s garage rock, early punk, & psych monsters. This collection has a West Coast slant highlighted by the Leave It To Beaver star himself, Jerry Mathers, who fronts the growling and driving Beaver And The Trappers!

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    Early punk, garage rock, & psych monsters! Rare & originally unissued artifacts from the unstoppable ‘60s infestation of teenagers with guitars & drums that took over their parents’ garages! The grit, grease, and grime of the garage can be heard in each of the 17 tracks compiled here, all cooked up in the great state of California. Even the Beaver is growlin’ with attitude on this one! (seriously!)

    While “garage band” was originally coined as a mildly derogatory label to describe rock ‘n’ roll groups deemed to be musical novices or amateurs, it has long since taken on a new, more positive meaning, one that describes the wave of creative, vital young bands that proliferated across America in the mid-1960s. This massive, unstoppable infestation of teenagers with guitars and drums took root in bedrooms, living rooms, basements and dens paneled with knotty pine, but the phenomenon was exemplified by the ultimate home practice space: the garage. That was especially true in California, a promised land of fast cars, fast food, drive-thru convenience, and miles and miles of freeways. In California’s sixties suburbs, every house came with a garage attached—but on practice days Dad had to park his car in the driveway. The grit and grease and grime of the garage can be heard in each of the 17 tracks compiled here, all cooked up in the great state of California.

    As this compilation proves, “garage band” can be a badge of honor to be worn with pride.

     - Mike Stax - Ugly Things Magazine

    Includes: The Sloths - Makin’ Love • The Poor Souls - I’ll Be Around • Trans Atlantic Train - You’re Bringing Me Down • Living Children - Crystalize Your Mind • The Shillings - I’m Over You • The Dutch Masters - In My Way • Rear Exit - Excitation • The Others - I’m In Need • Butch Engle & The Styx - No Matter What You Say • The Mourning Reign - Satisfaction Guaranteed • Beaver & The Trappers - Happiness Is Havin’ • The Soul Owners - I’ll Cry • The Mourning Reign - Our Fate • The Pullice - I’m A Lover Not A Fighter • The Chimney Sweeps - I’ll Get My Way  • The Second Helping - Let Me In • The Daisy Chain - Final Hour 

    • Cut and pressed at Third Man Pressing on translucent gold vinyl!
    • Contains highly coveted gritty treasures and some cuts that hit LP for the first time!
    • Packaged in a reverse board jacket with liner notes by Ugly Things' Mike Stax!
    • Also available on CD