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    Gene Thomas and Debbe Neville had their golden moment in the sun with the coyly seductive "Playboy," a 1968 national Top Twenty smash. Incorporating wholesome vocal harmonies and earnest songcraft with a healthy dose of Nashville twang, most of the material comes from the prolific pen of Gene Thomas. Gene & Debbe also cut marvelous versions of songs by the Everly Brothers, as well as such revered American songsmiths as John D. Loudermilk and Mickey Newbury. The 22-song set, all taken from the original TRX master tapes, includes their complete TRX album, along with rare single sides, plus previously unheard material. Playboy - The Best Of Gene & Debbe permanently assures Thomas' smooth vocal drawl and Neville's wide-eyed delivery will always be there for the classic pop radio audience.

    Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

    1. Don't Try to Change Me
    2. Give Me a Sweetheart
    3. Playboy
    4. Rings of Gold
    5. Go with Me
    6. Truly, Truly True
    7. Love Will Give Us Wings
    8. I'll Come Running
    9. Any Way You Want Me
    10. Let it Be Me
    11. Two of a Kind
    12. Torch I Carry
    13. Lovin' Season
    14. Make a Noise Like Love
    15. Memories Are Made of This
    16. The Sun Won't Shine Again
    17. Loan Some
    18. I'm Only Human
    19. Just As Long As That Someone Is You (prev. unissued)
    20. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (prev. unissued)
    21. What Did You Take Me For (prev. unissued)
    22. Then I Cried (prev. unissued)