Canada: A well-adjusted country where all is in balance. To atone for such irregularities as vinegar-covered french fries and Justin Bieber, they gave us the most kick-ass garage band ever to don kilts. Here's the unreleased Great Scots' album--killer trax, loadsa photos, notes by our pal--Chesterfield King honcho Greg Prevost...a thousand elements of coolness!

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    On The Road Again • I Ain’t No Miracle Worker (Version 1) • Someone That I Can’t See (Instrumental) • Don’t You Believe Them • Ball & Chain • Show Me The Way • The Light Hurts My Eyes • I Can Do It Better Honey And Wine • Lord, I’m So Lonely • Blue Monday • What Am I To Do • Run, Run For Your Life • Help Myself (Instrumental) • I Ain’t No Miracle Worker (Version 2) • You Know What You Can Do