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    Think the true spirit and sound of the '60s exists only in the ring-worn covers and greyed out grooves of your discs from 1967?!? "Coffin Dragger," the second single by Bob Irwin and the Pluto Walkers, will change--and blow--your mind! Specially selected from the musicians' new full-length album, The Throwaway Age, this disc is as perfect an encapsulation of a lost era as you will find--a stomping, fuzztone-infected tribute to the legendary biker film soundtracks of decades past, recorded with the same kinds of techniques and energy as the much-coveted originals...

    "Arabesque" is an audio voyage into a kind of other world where Henry Mancini and Chocolate Watch Band might've made magic music together in a garage, combining a brilliant melody with a snarling, complex and distorted arrangement, prominently featuring layers of fuzz and a vintage Ace Tone Top-5 keyboard. This performance, a cover of a rare Ventures B-side, was conceived during sessions for a rarities-based tribute album to the group, and is available only on this 45.

    Both sides of this single were recorded with the nearly forgotten artistry of true 1960s mic-ing and placement, and mixed to authentic monophonic sound. Slide it onto your changer somewhere between your Arrows and Zakary Thaks singles--you will not be disappointed... Fuzzboxes set to stun!

    Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

    Joker's Wild / The Throwaway Age 7" Single
    THE THROWAWAY AGE on LP, compact disc and digital download


    Arabesque • Coffin Dragger