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    When Sundazed purchased the Abnak/Jetstar masters, we discovered a cache of unissued recordings by the dynamic soul singer Bobby Patterson. Accompanied by his combo, the Mustangs, the Dallas-based singer signed with Abnak/Jetstar in '65 and soon soared up the national R&B charts with sizzling sides that spotlighted his dynamic, versatile vocals. Included in this specially-priced, comprehensive two-disc mother lode of vintage soul are every recording Bobby released on the Abnak and Jetstar labels from 1965-1970, along with nine previously unissued tracks!

    Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

    Disc 1:
    1. Then You'll Know*
    2. Rainin' In My Heart*
    3. I'm A Slave To You*
    4. Nobody But You*
    5. You Just Got To Understand
    6. Till You Give In
    7. If I Didn't Have You
    8. What's Your Problem Baby
    9. Long Ago
    10. Let Them Talk
    11. Soul Is Our Music
    12. I'm Leroy - I'll Take Her
    13. Sock Some Lovin' At Me
    14. Broadway Ain't Funky No More
    15. I Met My Match
    16. The Good Ol' Days
    17. Don't Be So Mean
    18. Sweet Taste Of Lovin'
    19. Busy, Busy Bee
    20. Trial Of Mary Maguire (first version)*

    DISC 2:
    1. T.C.B. Or T.Y.A.
    2. What A Wonderful Night For Love
    3. My Thing Is Your Thing (Come Get It)
    4. Keeping It In The Family
    5. My Baby's Coming Back To Me
    6. Guess Who
    7. Trial Of Mary Maguire
    8. The Knock Out Power Of Love
    9. If a Man Ever Loved a Woman (Baby I Love You)
    10. You Taught Me How To Love
    11. I'm In Love With You
    12. Married Lady
    13. If I Didn't Know Better*
    14. I Do*
    15. Mama's Got A New Bag Too*
    16. You Can Tell I'm In Love*
    17. Till You Give In*
    18. Busy, Busy Bee (alternate take)*
    19. How Funky Can You Get (by the Mustangs)
    20. Turn Back The Hands Of Time (by the Mustangs)

    *previously unissued