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    The rock world has always been perilous and unpredictable, especially during the turbulent '60s. Following a tour to support their debut LP and hit single "Talk Talk," the Music Machine suddenly splintered due to internal conflicts, leaving group leader Sean Bonniwell as the sole remaining member. Undeterred, he signed with Warner Brothers and, rechristened as the Bonniwell Music Machine, he set about crafting a follow up album.

    Bonniwell built the LP track by track, starting with songs recorded by the original lineup. He then combined these archived selections with new recordings that evidenced an expanding musical palette, one that added shades of eclectic pop to the canvas. Though the tone of the album is understandably varied, it contains some of Boniwell's best work. First-rate tracks like "Bottom of the Soul," "The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly" and "Talk Me Down" nail the band's tough garage punk ethos. Later recordings like "Tin Can Beach" and "Discrepancy" illustrate Bonniwell's rapid growth as a songwriter. Released in 1968 as Bonniwell's Music Machine, this album, packed with should-have-been hits, went largely unnoticed by the public and fell out of print for many years.

    For a band as influential as the Music Machine, their discography has been frustratingly small. Fortunately, Sundazed Music, with the invaluable assistance of Sean Bonniwell, has stepped in to address this "Machine shortage." Rescued from the vaults, Beyond the Garage contains the Bonniwell's Music Machine album in its entirety and adds exciting rarities, some never before released! Finally, lost tracks like the surging "No Girl Gonna Cry" and the careening "In My Neighborhood" receive a proper release, to the joy of fans everywhere. More information on these songs as well as the entire album can be found in Sean Bonniwell's annotated album notes. Mastered with the utmost care from the original analog session tapes by Bob Irwin and Bonniwell, Beyond the Garage is loaded up and ready for the ultimate musical excursion!


    Bottom Of The Soul • Absolutely Positively • Soul Love • Somethin Hurtin On Me • Affirmative No • The Trap • The Eagle Never Hurts The Fly • No Girl Gonna Cry • Me, Myself And I • To The Light • Tin Can Beach • Time Out (For A Daydream) • Astrologically Incompatible • Discrepancy • Talk Me Down • I’ve Loved You • You’ll Love Me Again • In My Neighborhood • Double Yellow Line • The Day Today