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    Souren Baronian: trailblazing Armenian-American jazz and folk musician, founder of visionary fusion band Taksim, master of the saxophone, clarinet and such Middle Eastern instruments as the duduk, kaval and dumbek – and the man behind the three albums collected here, originally released in the early-to-mid ’70s on Souren’s own Carlee Records, and now lovingly reissued for the very first time. As the great man himself says, “World music is in today, and I was at the bottom end of this thing, I was doing this music in the ’50s! There was Latin fusion and Cuban stuff with jazz, but that was about it. I was one of the first ones to fuse Middle Eastern music with jazz. I was there, man!”

    Souren’s first Carlee release, Middle Eastern Soul, features vocalist Bob Tasjian and Haig Manoukian, widely considered one of the greatest oud players of all time. The Exciting Music of The Nor-ikes featuring Souren’s ‘50s recordings as the Nor-Ikes as he presented them in his ‘73 reissue and features the legendary Chick Ganimian on oud. Hye Inspiration, credited to Bob Tashjian & Souren Baronian features the oud of John Tarpinian (yet another fantastic oud player!) recorded and released in ’76. As original liners on the record boldly state: “Hye Inspiration is a party record, a dance record, and a listening record. If Near Eastern dance is your thing, the performances on this record will certainly bring you to your feet.” And how!

    We’re honored to be working with legendary Souren Baronian and his cadre on these reissues and can’t wait for these unique tones, rhythms, and time signatures to be emanating from your speakers, quite possibly for the first time!

    Also available on gold vinyl!


    Siro Yerk (Armenian) • Makhmoor Aghchig (Armenian) • Héranom (Armenian) • Pinkeol (Armenian) • Ghéli Yébouy (Arabic) • Hey Yala (Turkish) • Geozlerin (Turkish) • Groovin' "Hye" (S. Baronian) • Ser Khosha (Turkish) • Govand (Armenian & Turkish) • Halime (Turkish) • Chifte Telli • Shek Mazerov (Armenian) • Laz Bar (Armenian) • Nane Souyou (Turkish) • Achchig Hos Yegoor (Armenian) • Chifte Telli • Norike Bar (Greek) • Chem-O-Chem (Armenian) • Dari-lolo (Armenian) • Khun Dzorin Dzar (Armenian) • Khorodig (Armenian) • Hye-Ena (Armenian) • Siroon (Armenian) • Min Elek Hub (Arabic) • Eench Anem (Armenian) • Herosi Bar (Armenian) • Aghli-Jen (Arabic) • Mesrobi-Bar (Armenian)