Salinas, California: a locale more likely to produce vegetables than rock ‘n’ roll. Nevertheless, the farm town was responsible for scarce but mighty garage and psych sounds of The E-Types. Relatively unknown, (unless you caught the ‘60s flick Blond On A Bum Trip, which includes their original “Put The Clock Back On The Wall”) their recorded output consists of four singles and a host of demos, live cuts, and covers, all featuring their distinct sound. Available digitally with digital booklet.

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    I Can’t Do It • The Love Of The Loved • Live • Put The Clock Back On The Wall • Big City • She Moves Me • Back To Me • No Milk Today • 4th Street • Long Before • A Clown’s No Good • Wait (Live) • Evil-Hearted You (Live) • Mr. You’re A Better Man Than I (Live) • Shapes Of Things (Live) • Things We Said Today (Demo) • Still In Love With You, Baby (Demo) • Just A Little (Demo) • Let’s Not Talk About It (Demo) • It’s Better Than I Planned (Demo) • I Can’t Do It (Demo) • Don’t Turn Your Back On Me (Demo)