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Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments “singer” Ron House (formerly of Columbus, Ohio’s Great Plains) bellowed and wailed—even occasionally carrying a tune—on this razor-sharp-yet-unrefined debut LP from arguably Cowtown’s best band. Writing songs equally charged with humor and vitriol (“Blow it up before Steve Albini makes a speech,” he ranted on “RnR Hall Of Fame”), House, serving as a cantankerous Mick Jagger to guitarist Bob Petric’s surly Keith Richards, created an incendiary near-masterpiece.

                          - Magnet Magazine’s Lost Classics

      • First ever reissue of this ‘95 platter of punk angst that Magnet called a “incendiary near-masterpiece.”
      • Cut by Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive) and pressed at Third Man Pressing to give it some extra midwest punk cred.
      • New liner notes by Erick Bradshaw, host of WFMU’s Spin Age Blasters with Creamo Coyl.
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      Out of Columbus, Ohio, comes a raucous punk band sure to make your head spin! Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, a name sure to catch your eye (and hopefully make you squirm), was conjured up by Ron House after his departure from The Great Plains. Teaming up with guitarist Bob Petric (who sadly passed away in March 2021, though his blistering riffs won’t be soon forgotten), bassist Craig Dunson, and drummer Ted Hattemer, TJSA first performed at local Columbus haunt, Stache’s, after the opening band never showed. Quickly becoming residents of the underground punk scene, they were offered a recording contract by a new subsidiary of Rick Rubin’s American Recordings: Onion Records.

      Recorded at Magnetic Planet, Bait And Switch provides listeners with raw, unadulterated punk with only one goal in mind: to entertain themselves and their friends. Calling attention to America’s dark past, TJSA didn’t try to be palatable for a mainstream audience. Their spiky exterior and cynical attitude towards the rock ‘n’ roll industry kept their sound honest, gutsy, and unafraid to shine a light on injustice.

      The Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments have a wit and snarl that make them pioneers of searing, no-frills rock ‘n’ roll. After the release of Bait And Switch, TJSA released several albums on independent labels, keeping their underground following alive. Waving their freak flags high, TJSA really shows their talent for the indomitable-spirited hard rock that, for any punk fan, is total ecstasy. First ever reissue, pressed on clear vinyl!

      Includes: My Mysterious Death (Turn It Up) • Is She Shy • Down To High Street • Quarrel With The World • Cheater’s Heaven • Cyclotron • Negative Guest List • Fire In The Swimming Girl • You Can’t Kill Stupid • RnR Hall Of Fame • Contract Dispute • Wrongheaded