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    Garage fans agree: We The People?s raging, tough-as-nails punk tracks ?Mirror of Your Mind? and ?You Burn Me Up and Down? rate among the era?s best. But believe it or not this band was capable of even more. Along with the above two hammer-down classics, Too Much Noise collates everything the seminal?and surprisingly diverse?Central Florida outfit cut for the Challenge label during the band?s mid-?60s heyday, including the raga-rock fave ?In the Past? (covered by the Chocolate Watchband) and the tender folk-rock ballad ?(You Are) The Color of Love.? Sourced from the original analog masters, here are We the People?s three scarce and essential Challenge single sides plus material recorded for the label but unreleased at the time?all of it in raw, skull-crushing fidelity on CD and high-definition vinyl.

    Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

    Tracks on this release also appear on the following compilation:
    Garage Beat '66 Vol. 6: Speak of the Devil... CD


    You Burn Me Up And Down • My Brother The Man • By The Rule • Mirror Of Your Mind • Declaration Of Independence • Free Information • Too Much Noise • In The Past • Half Of Wednesday • (You Are) The Color Of Love • Beginning Of The End • He Doesn’t Go About It Right • Alfred, What Kind Of Man Are You • St. John’s Shop