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    Blazing sitar and crazed percussion, a 50 year old mystery! Known only in legend from their appearance in 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee, the Moon Express album finally arrives 50 years after its recording! Paul Arnold (mastermind behind The Inner Sounds Of The Id) and Tsvia & the Followers weave peculiar music that ebbs and flows with unusual time signatures, sonic baths of wild, exotic percussion and other fascinating and hypnotic sounds, all under Arnold's booming narratives and Tsvia Abarbanel's spellbinding, out of this world vocals. Enjoy this lost 60s treasure as you were intended to half a century ago. Includes a bonus 7" of Beatles covers!

    In 1969 NBC aired 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee, a psychedelic Darwinian themed TV special that featured the Monkees as evolutionary beings while representing the sorry state of man-kind in the 20th Century. The hour-long special had quite an impressive lineup of performers which included Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll, The Clara WardSingers, We Three and....Paul Arnold’s Moon Express. This would be the general public’s one and only opportunity to know that there was such a thing as the Moon Express and if you missed the credits at the end you wouldn’t even have known that.

    It was a modern impressionistic piece of music with Arnold’s thundering narrative sounding over blazing sitar, exotic percussion and dancers clad in bizarre looking skin tight outfits from head to toe.Just two years prior Arnold had produced The Inner Sounds Of TheId, a tripped-out, Freudian frolic which arguably holds the distinction of being rock’s first true concept LP. Over fifty years later, like an undiscovered comet suddenly appear¬ing out of the void of space and time, theMoon Express landed—David Sukonick, Arnold’s nephew, had tapes for an unissued album entitled Prophetic Spirit, a lost long play project that never saw the light of day until now

    Cut by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio.


    Awake And Love • My Little Corner Of The Earth • Fly By Night • Wilderness, Ocean, and Space • Love Is Strange • All This I Do Behold • Wakefulness Of The World • The Morning Cometh • Between My Inner World • Daughter Of The Night • Lost Spirit Of America • Peace • Can't Buy Me Love (Beatles) • Tell Me What You See (Beatles)

    Also available on LP!